Social Media Optimization

Social media has its own perks for sharing your content with the audience you want to target, to selling your ideas through the very same platform. And, you have got to be really careful planning on the strategies in order to execute them for the promotion for your brand or product. If not, that could result in another way, and who would want that, Right? And maintaining the SMO plan requires regular work and real thoughtful decisions. Therefore, LET US take care of your brand or product at the social media front to gain you the dedicated audience for your service with the right content, at the right time and of course the right place.

Some of the key benefits of SMO are :
• Improved brand awareness
• More Inbound Traffic
• Enhanced SEO rankings
• Higher Conversion Rates
• Healthier customer satisfaction
• Cost-Effective
• Improved brand loyalty
• More Brand Authority
• Marketplace awareness
• Thought Leadership

Social Media Platform
Facebook - Facebook alone has over 900 million users, who collectively spend over 700 billion minutes per month on the website.
Instagram - Instagram is based around images and videos, thus it is an essential marketing platform for companies & individuals that are selling visual products &/or services.
Youtube - YouTube is the largest video database in the world. It also has a very large and diverse creator base, with more than 400 hours of footage being uploaded on the platform every minute.
Linkedin - LinkedIn is not just a platform for jobseekers and professionals. Its advertising services allow you to engage with other companies, helping you to form strong B2B connections.
Twitter - Twitter is a complicated, yet effective marketing channel. It allows you to choose the objective of your marketing campaign and only charges according to the specified actions.
TripAdvisor - It is estimated that around 40% of travellers share their travel experiences online, out of which around 18% share directly on TripAdvisor.
Pintrest - As many as 50% of people who see a promoted Pinterest pin, make a purchase! So, for business owners, this social media platform is well worth investing your time and effort into. Let’s dive into these strategies!

Social media is just a buzzword until you come up with a plan.

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